Periodontology is a discipline that deals with the promotion of the health of the individual through the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of pathologies affecting the supporting tissues of the teeth and implants. The supporting tissues of the teeth are the gum, the periodontal ligament, the root cement and the alveolar bone proper. The supporting tissues of the implants are the peri-implant mucosa, the alveolar bone and the basal bone. The main purpose of periodontology is to preserve the natural dentition and, therefore, the chewing function, phonation and aesthetics of patients; in the case of dental elements to be extracted or extracted, it takes care of their possible replacement by means of implants.In the catalog of periodontal instruments you will find:

  • Sickle scalers
  • Universal curettes
  • Gracey curettes
  • Gracey mini-curettes
  • Titanium universal curettes
  • Sharpening stones
  • Sharpening accessories
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